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Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

New Game Intro
New Game Intro
Your Base
Map & Assignment
MIA Rescue
You were Destroyed!
Game over
Your helicopter crashed !
Search and rescue this friendly pilot
After saving civilians from this building you were attacked by an enemy gunship
Rescuing UN employees
Mission completed
Out of fuel
Choose your co-pilot.
The status screen. Getting information on the radar sites.
Level 1 - Near an enemy radar.
Level 1 - The power plant.
Level 1 - Landing at a US landing pad.
Level 1 - Near a guard tower.
Level 1 - A command building.
Level 1 - Picked up an enemy commander.
Level 1 - Status screen info on our missing agent.
Level 1 - Found where our missing agent is being held.
Level 1 - Cutscene, landing the helicopter so my co-pilot can get rescue out lost agent.
Level 2 - Status screen, jail break mission info.
Level 2 - The enemy now has tanks.
Level 2 - Making a jail break.
Level 2 - The madman's weapons' plant.
Level 2 - A scud commander's building.
Level 2 - The POW camp.
Level 3 - The madman's yacht.
Level 3 - A biological weapons factory.
Level 3 - Cutscene, the embassy rescue is under way.
Level 4 - The madman is spilling oil into the ocean.
Level 4 - The madman's palace.