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Advertising Blurbs (English):

    About This Game

    The year is 2021, and Genoq has become a leading corporation in bio-medical research. However the tower, some 90 stories high, is not all that it seems. Somewhere within the tower, highly illegal bio-weapons research has been conducted in secret. June 26th, disaster strikes and the lethal organic weapons have escaped and threaten not only the staff members stranded in the tower, but the world itself.

    You arrive on the 80th floor with an urgent package addressed to Derrida, the lead scientist at Genoq working on the bio-weapons research. Set back from your goal, you must climb the tower, assisting those in need or focusing solely on your task at hand, and stopping the virus from escaping the tower and threatening all life on the planet.

    Will you help the stranded survivors or hinder them? Can you deliver the package to Derrida in time? Can you prevent the impending catastrophe and escape with your life?

    Key Features

    • New high res graphics
    • New music by Mark 'TDK' Knight
    • New control menu
    • Can save at any point in the game
    • Leaderboards
    • Achievements
    • Same great gameplay

    Contributed by jaXen (217922) on Jan 11, 2017.

From the Mindscape International Leisure Catalogue 1992/93:

    It has taken control.
    It owns their minds.
    It imprisons their bodies.
    It even absorbs the building!

    A secret experiment is out of control at Genoq Biomedical Laboratories. The building is in chaos. The internal security system is blasting employees. And now, a terrifying life form has turned against creators. [sic]

    D/Generation has taken over.

    Using virtual reality to disguise itself as objects like a chair, the floor or even an entire room, D/Generation is determined to survive. You must search for clues to this disaster, solving puzzles with the help of Genoq survivors and the occasional computer terminal. Use your wits, your instincts and your laser to unravel this mystery and destroy D/Generation!


    • Battle bizarre organisms that use virtual reality to disguise themselves.
    • Avoid traps and sneak attacks to solve puzzles in over 120 rooms.
    • Gather clues from computer files and Genoq hostages.
    • Explore the labs using an innovative, full-room cutaway perspective.
    • Discover a startling story line, amazing animation and intense neon graphics.
    • Stunning musical intro and sound effects.

    "I love this game. In fact we're practically enganged."
    91% Zero

    D/Generation has everything every game should have."
    93% ST Action

    Contributed by -Chris (7562) on May 29, 2003.

Back of Box - DOS (US):
    It's out of control.
    And now it's IN CONTROL.

    A secret project is out of control at Genoq Corporation, a biotech research lab in Singapore. The building is in total chaos. The security system is on full alert, blasting everything that moves. All the employees have been killed or trapped.

    D/Generation has taken over.

    And by fate or accident, you must now battle this ominous organism that uses virtual reality to disguise itself. D/Generation is an intelligent organism that actually controls reality to become the chair you are sitting on, the floor you are walking on, or even the entire room.

    If you are to survive, you must solve the mystery and destroy the D/Generation. Bit by bit, you gather pieces of the puzzle from Genoq survivors and an occasional computer terminal. It's a race against time with ingenuity and determination your own weapons.

    • Over 120 rooms filled with traps and surprises
    • Innovative full-room cutaway perspective
    • Bizarre organisms use virtual reality to disguise themselves
    • Full VGA graphics support
    • Unique storyline and humorous animation

    Contributed by xroox (3966) on Apr 03, 2000.