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Die Hard Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The story begins. (EGA)
Title screen (EGA)
You begin the game here. (EGA)
Under attack! (EGA)
Hans Gruber has won (EGA)
Ready to attack. (EGA)
By holding down shift and a directional key you can rotate your perspective. (EGA)
Approaching a first-aid kit (EGA).
Looking out a window of the Nakatomi building. (EGA)
In gunfights you must aim your pistol at the assailant. (EGA)
This elevator is locked. (EGA)
I'm dead! (EGA)
Find the goon with the radio, and you can monitor the bad guys' chatter. (EGA)
Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho. (EGA)
Search dead crooks with the S key. (EGA)
Low color stills adapted from the film appear as cutscenes. (EGA)
Any shot of McClane is altered to not look too much like Bruce Willis. (EGA)
You can duck gunfire in aiming mode. (EGA)
Dropped the bomb down the elevator and saved the cops. The game makes this optional. (EGA)
Running from crooks and flying glass in the computer room. (EGA)
Your guns are taken away prior to fighting Karl. (EGA)
Fist fighting with Karl. (EGA)
Leaping off the roof before time runs out. (EGA)
Destroyed hallway leading to the final battle. (EGA)
Here, Hans has gotten the better of us. (EGA)
Another alternate ending. Hans is dead, but so is McClane's wife. (EGA)
Close shoot (EGA)
Dead terrorist (EGA)
Searching good stuff (EGA)
Lost hand combat (EGA)
Opening story (CGA)
Title screen (CGA)
You have found some first aid. (CGA)
Time is running out. (CGA)
Time has run out. (CGA)
Hand combat (CGA)
Some story (CGA)
Nakatomi plaza (CGA)
Find card (CGA)
Desk (CGA)