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Die Höhlenwelt Saga: Der Leuchtende Kristall Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Intro: Eric thinks of Maomi, his lost love.
Title screen
Intro: Eric meets Cal on board of Cal's spaceship. Cal asks Eric to go to the cave world.
While Eric tries to fix the moon buggy, he discovers the hard way what a battery recharges does.
A maze of hallways leads down to the cave world.
Eric arrives in the medieval cave world. A flying dragon (kind of an air bus) lands.
In the flying dragon's cargo hold, Eric meets the prisoner Hellami. What are they talking about??
Eric tries to escape a prison cell. Context sentitive icons display Eric's options. "Vernichte Wand"?
Hellami and Eric excape from a prison flight. By jumping off.
The two escaped prisoners drop into a mountain lake.
In the nice mountain town of Wiesen-Sulzthal, Eric meets a policeman that collaborates with the Drakken.
Uh-oh! Two Drakken officers have set their eye on Eric.
Climbing up a rock needle.
Eric has befriened a flying dragon. Yes, her name is Susi.
With the help of Susi, Eric travels around Veldoor.
Arriving in Berg-Wolkenheim.
It's Maomi! And she's held captive by her evil employer! Eric ponders his options.
Arriving in Wahringen.
Eric chats with the market lady in Wahringen.
Wahringen has a Drakken military outpost that Eric infiltrates.
Chatting with Alina in the desert town of Südmeerfleck. Eric has a way with the ladies...
To earn money, Eric has to sell items to the right people - this guy, for example.
In the desert ruins, Eric finds a Mullooh (a huge animal).
At the Mindhoor lake. A temple's supposed to be around here. But where?
Ah! Maybe the Mindhoor temple lies under water. Unfortunately, there's this hungry plant.
In the Mindhoor temple. The symbols in the door show how to solve this logic puzzle.
Eric takes emerals from the inventory (top) and puts them into this statue to cross the bridge.
One of the many beautiful ambient artworks.
What ARE they talking about???
One of the game's major nuisances: You have to examine some spots over and over again until Eric finally discovers something he didn't see earlier.
Another one of the game's major nuisances: "Hey, there's a gem in this statue's eye! Strange, this wasn't here earlier!" -yeah, it wasn't! How on earth am I supposed to know that I have to come back!?
One more screenshot from the intro. Since without the CD the intro is silent, I'm just guessing that this is Cal's ship.
Eric's ship on the planet surface. I like this opening sequence - it's so different from the adventures inside the Höhlenwelt...
This is the Cave World's airlock, which separates the thin atmosphere of the planet surface and upper cave labyrinth from the breathable air inside.
At the bottom of the rock needle. Looks beautiful, apart from the little fact that the colors don't match those of the rock needle itself at all...
The way from the lake where Eric and Hellami have dropped to Wiesen-Sulzthal (and the mysterious broken bridge).
At the "dragon airport" in Wiesen-Sulzthal. You can make some money by playing a trick on the brothers and later getting even with the guy who sent you there.
Such black and white screens appear from time to time after some important scenes (and sometimes not-so-important ones, like the one in Wahringen near the end). This one - after Eric has tamed Susi.
This little temple, with just a not very impressive statue and two valuable objects inside, in the legendary Lakkasoor.
Inside the temple in Mindhoor.
Bird's eye view of the forgotten city of ruins - the final scene.
And that's the final "intermission" screen, giving a glimpse of events from the second part of the game. Unfortunately, it was never made...