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Discworld Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

There it is, the Discworld (Intro sequence)
This does not bode well (Intro sequence)
Here they are, Rincewind and The Luggage. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Whatever you do, do NOT call him a monkey
These hooded figures summoned the dragon that you're called to get rid of
The Unseen University - where wizards are educated
The game provides some different perspectives from time to time
The wizard's feast!
Now and then this character pops up to explain certain events of the past, and provide some of the game's most hilarious moments
The overhead map, and Ankh-Morpork in all its glory
The local beggar
A back alley with a toilet
Stuck on the roof!
The local pub - Broken Drum
Bathroom at the castle
View from the tower, with a curiously distorted perspective. At this point, Rincewind just gets a sample of dragon's breath...
...much later in the game, he also does a bungee jump from the tower. Notice his cute long johns... ;) (And by the way, I'm a woman and I wear long johns myself.)
Entrance to the inn
Inside the inn (during the day).
Crossing L-Space, or travelling to the past through a secret passage at the library (hence the name, I think).
Rincewind sees himself in the park a few nights before.
The street at night
Overhead map at night. "Maps" are another kind of screenshots I have from a lot of games. :)
Crossing L-Space again. An interesting pit of books which also reminds me of a sequence from "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis".
The psychiatrickerist. Given his German accent, I think he should also have a Freud portrait or bust (and in some movie, a psychoanalyst really had that!). ;)
An alley next to the market square
View / map of the world outside Ankh-Morpolk city.
Witch's hut in the dark woods. Don't confuse the forests - there are two of them, at first I didn't notice the "ordinary" one as an active area.
House of Negotiable Affection. I liked it despite my opposition to prostitution, particularly the prostitute... making custard cream for Rincewind. ;)
This appeared after I failed to swap the books in time... But I don't think it's a bug, it's rather just a failure and it isn't irreparable because you can still restore the game and keep trying.
The psychiatrickerist seems to have switched to movie (or, in the game's internal parlance - "clickie") casting - this is his reception with a Hollywood-smile secretary. ;)
Inside the witch's hut
This is the "ordinary" forest I mentioned...
...and a well inside the forest.
How does a torture master prefer to be called?...
I very much enjoyed the game, but I'm no Discworld afficionada, so I'm not sure who are these - some deities watching over the Discworld?...
Obviously, in the Discworld there must be a place rightfully called "the edge of the world".
Rincewind climbs down to the carapace of the great turtle to retrieve an item (meeting Death again on the way down).
The gate to Lady Ramkin's Dragon Sanctuary...
...and her house itself.
The dragons' cage looks like at a real animal sanctuary or captive breeding facility. I hope Lady Ramkin lets them out for some enrichment, as it's called in animal care.
Entrance to the dwarves' mine, with an eagle too far to the back. For some reason, catching screenshots didn't work smoothly in both Discworld games, particularly during dialogues.
Inside the mine
The temple. I didn't, in fact, particularly like it, but I felt that I should save this scene for the "plotline representation" aspect of screenshots.