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Dismal Passages: Part I - The Wicked Curse Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Configuration of sound and controls are made at every game start.
Title screen, with mouse selected. (For me, the mouse did not work properly, it was impossible use when searching.)
Introduction story 1/2: meet Brael.
Introduction story 2/2: meet the Witch.
Shareware registration reminder.
Game start, inside your house. Your wife's in bed. Click on buttons for possible actions.
The 'Talk' menu.
'Examine' searches any house in one of five predefined locations. Either point with mouse to the object, or use numbers 1-5 to choose location.
In your own house you have a knife, and a pot, but you need to find them by looking at the right place.
Once you have an item like the pot, it can be Used, but only in the right location. Here nothing happens. Weapons are not listed as items in the inventory.
Going in/out of houses makes a random event possible. This is Braen outside his own house.
Suddenly a scarecrow appears, and you are now required to do real-time battle with it, as it immediately attacks. If you don't use mouse, there are predefined keys for the buttons shown.
Oh dear, while I looked for my key settings, the Scarecrow killed me.
Another death scene, now in the fangs of a wolf, equally effective.
Ending the game presents another shareware nag screen.