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Dismal Passages Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Splash screen
Title and copyright info
Main menu
Introduction page 1/6...very grisly as it progresses.
Introduction 6/6 - the blood is still oozing from the gore...
Instructions / keys
registration info
Starting the game requires entering a name for your character
Starting position; your avatar is to the left, your home is the house nearest you. (Health and money is shown in lower right rectangle)
Inside your home, you search a chest and find a dagger. (Center image low is the area near you, w/o your avatar)
I visit the neighbor, (who is my step-cousin Hornak) and talk to him.
Hornak gives me some advice on what to get for protection. Pity he has none lying around.
This is one of the three items needed to access the NetherRealm, how come he knows these things?
Another neighbor, Josua. Possibly he sold shareware games.
Yeah, yeah, blame the wraiths for your failed business... He don't know much, but gives a clue about a staff which is a second vital object. Of course he doesn't have it either.
Next neigbour is an old woman, who has some succinct advice regarding the NetherRealm.
My home village came to an end, so now I'm walking into the wilderness.
I get attacked by a nasty man, who may carry a disease. I can attack/flee or try talking, but he attacked first, so no chit chat.
When attacking it's important to select a weapon. I have my dagger ready.
You attack me, I keel you! A fight is turn-based, and I downed him with my first stab.
Loot is automatically picked up at the end of a battle.
A monster attacks a bit further on, still in the wilderness.
The monster was a bit tougher, but I defeated it with some blood loss.
A lonely temple in the grassland.
The priest wants to hear a holy name in reply to his question, after which he will give you an object. Off to find the answer.
Here is the nearest city, sporting in order left to right: Blacksmith's shop, Herbalist shop, Conjurers home, and five other people sharing the last house.
The Blacksmith sells various weapons, from knives to bows, but doesn't talk much.
The herbalist sells various herbs of course.
The conjurer has advice on runes and staffs, and mentions a orb of flight.
The shared house inhabitants have some suggestion on where to go for armor, and also mentions someone with a compass.
The city stretches on; here is a healer, another temple, a tower and an inn.
15 Crown gold to cure a little plague? Well, I'll come back when I feel like I need it. (You lose health points each step when you have the plague)
This temple priest knows a bit about the bad guys. And he has the code word I needed before.
Staying at the inn costs money, surprise.
The commissioner lives in the big house. He's no fun. Runes and magic is forbidden in this town. (There is an outcast living outside of the town because of this)
A rich man has advice on weapons...hmm, I wonder if he talks of price or useability.
Moldread, would he be a Necromancer? He has some advice about using shrouds as protection.