Déjà Vu II: Lost in Las Vegas Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (VGA)
This is where you start, in a sleazy cheap hotel room. Oh, you're naked too... (VGA)
Memory flash backs (VGA)
Hmm...don't find many of these in the desert... (VGA)
There are many ways to die in this game... (VGA)
Heading to casino (VGA)
Play or not to play... (VGA)
time to get the win (VGA)
perfect date :) (VGA)
Title screen (EGA)
Start Game (EGA)
Elevator. (VGA)
Cashier's room. (VGA)
Blackjack dealer. (VGA)
Slots. (VGA)
Outside the casino. (VGA)
Desert. (VGA)
Outside the train station. (VGA)
Train station. (VGA)
Baggage claim. (VGA)
Train platform. (VGA)
Train conductor. (VGA)
On a train. (VGA)
Chicago train station. (VGA)
Outside Chicago train station. (VGA)
Inside cab. (VGA)
Woah! It's like Deja Vu! (Except the last time I was here, it wasn't in VGA!) (VGA)
Alley. (VGA)
Back alley. (VGA)
Up the fire escape. (VGA)
Deja Vu! But there's no dead guy this time! (VGA)
Crazy old lady! (VGA)
Outside apartment building. (VGA)
Hall. (VGA)
Either you're a real slob or your place has been ransacked! (VGA)
Outside the morgue. (VGA)
The morgue. (VGA)
Arrested! (VGA)
Emphasis on this WAS the home of... (VGA)
Tied up! (VGA)
Fancy office. (VGA)
Laundry mat. (VGA)