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Written by  :  Ryu (56)
Written on  :  Mar 03, 2004
Platform  :  DOS
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A decent beat-em-up for fans of the genre or the series

The Good

-->Detailed VGA environments and colors, really showed what a VGA card was capable of

-->Introduction music is cool

-->Fairly challenging without being impossible

-->Ability to utilize different characters in the different countries the missions take place in is cool

-->The first decent Double Dragon game for the PC, unfortunately, it was also the last.

The Bad

-->No in-game music

-->Sound is seriously lacking (low-fi adlib sound effects)

-->Character animation is stiff and jerky

-->Collision detection can be off at times

-->The enemy AI seems a bit too fond of cheap tactics, crowding around you for a cheap beatdown

The Bottom Line

Billy and Jimmy Lee, the "Double Dragons" from NYC set out on a new quest, this time to seek out the Rosetta Stone. The adventure starts in the city with the player taking control of Billy Lee, putting the hurt to the local street thugs. As you travel from China to Greece to Egypt, you will encounter shops along the way that allow you to exchange coins for more energy, to buy more moves such as the famous "Cyclone Kick", and to buy alternate characters like Sunny and Chin.

If you have played and enjoyed Double Dragon games in the past, or enjoy beat-em-ups, you will most likely enjoy this title as well. While I had several beefs with the game, such as the lack of in-game music, and the choppy character animation, DD3 remains at its core a decent game, if you can tolerate its few issues.