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Down in the Dumps Credits (DOS)

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Down in the Dumps Credits


DirectorsOlivier Cordoleani, Herve Lange
Graphic DesignLuc Lemaire
DesignRonan Menjot
Additional DesignMinh Tri Dung Le, Denis Muffat-Méridol
ModelizationLaurent-Luc Burtin, Laurent Larapidie, David Ouanono, Bruno Vaerman
3D BackgroundNicolas Berlin, Bruno Kortulewski
3D AnimationJerome Boulbes, Jean-Pierre Joannes, Aida Julian, Eric Moisson, Benoit Morel, Serge Viellescaze
Additional ArtistsThierry Sapyn
Lead ProgrammingDominique Bouré
Main Programming MacMahrez Berchouchi
Main Programming PSXFrederic Villain
Additional ProgrammingGilles Choiseau, Olivier Croset, Frederic Dauger, Isabelle Fuchey, Frédéric Gaulbaire, Jerome Muffat-Meridol, Francois Piednoel, Nathanael Presson, André Villard
Sound FXChristine Melkissian
Music ManagerStephane Flachier
Special Thanks ToBertrand Gibert, Michael Fuller, Vero, Cecile, Plapla, Raphael, Les zarmas reunis, BCO, Le michmout fan‑club, Bibao Radadao
Data ProcessingYves Houssin (Miwok Inc.), Franck Jean-Louis Dit Montout, Minet, Miwok Inc., Raphael Rippe
Dedicated To The Memory OfFrederic Dauger

Philips Media

Project ManagerDarren Hedges
Project Manager's AssistantStephen Robertson
Director European Marketing, GamesJeff Tawney
European Product Manager, GamesAbi Grant
Head of European PR, GamesAndrea Simpson
Special ThanksThe Source, Robert Holmes

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