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Dragon Isles Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
(English) Intro: a history lesson
(English) Intro: the conquering armies devastate the islands
(English) Main menu
(English) Setting up a new game
(English) Your brave band of heroes sets out to reclaim the Isles.
(English) First campaign: arriving on Comodo Island
(English) Setting the peasants to work
(English) Ye olde options menu
(English) Scouting the enemy base
(English) Battle is joined!
(English) Barracks construction is complete
(English) Now we can train some knights!
(English) Tilling the land and expanding our base
(English) Status report: time to raise some more income!
(English) Island map and demographics
(English) Surveying the current land usage
(English) Amassing an invasion force
(English) Crush the enemy!
(English) Comodo Island has been conquered.
(English) Post-campaign stats
(English) En route to the second campaign...
(English) An overview of the Gemini Isles
(English) The enemy is slightly better prepared this time around.
(English) A more advanced campaign: temples, castles and elephantry
(English) Commissioned a ninja at the Secret Service!
(Hebrew) Main menu
(Hebrew) Setting up a new game
(Hebrew) Setting sail for Comodo Island
(Hebrew) Current statistics
(Hebrew) Cavalry unit command menu
(Hebrew) Game options