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Written by  :  ududy (59)
Written on  :  Mar 16, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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There aren't many fantasy simulators to compare this one to, but even if there were, it would have been tough to beat

The Good

The 3d graphics were excellent for their time, especially the complexity of the terrain (the 3d creature models lacked character so i preffered the bitmapped versions) missions were varied and tense role-playing elements made it more fun - you could have taken on special challenge missions to improve your and your dragon's statistics, and advanced through more and more powerful dragons

The Bad

at the time i was in love. playing it a few years later i came to dislike the claw to claw battles, which usually just amounted to endless turning around until you got lucky. also, it was way too easy to outdistance most enemy dragons. the flight model was also too simplistic.

The Bottom Line

Dragon Strike is a classic, and we're long overdue for a new dragon simulator. Maybe "ozzy's black skies" will fit the bill?