DreamWeb Credits (DOS)

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DreamWeb Credits


MusicMatt Seldon
DirectorNeil Dodwell
Graphics / ArtworkDavid Dew
Acting / VoiceoversTony Dillon, Dee Graham, John Haines, Rena Kaye, Patrick Kelly, Carol Nudds, Nikki Robinson, Martin T. Sherman
Recorded atVideosonix Ltd. Sound Studio; Camden - London
Post‑production byReflex Interactive
DocumentationNeil Dodwell, Richard L. Yapp
SoundMatt Seldon, Richard L. Yapp
Spanish translationRandall Mage
German Actors / VoiceoversJens Schäfer (Narrator; Ryan), Arne Fuhrmann (Sparky), Erik Borner (Louis), Olaf Pessler (Silverman), Elke Schützhold (Eden), Nick Benjamin (Barkeeper), Aart Vedder (Guard)
German Voice Engineering & Recording atBasement‑Audio‑Studios; Frankfurt/Main
German Voice Engineering & Recording done bySunflowers Entertainment Software
ProducerPatrick Kelly
Chief Sound EngineerPaul Harris
Asst. Sound EngineerMatt Grime
Sound Sample DriverCreative Reality
Concept & DesignCreative Reality
Based on an idea byNeil Dodwell
German Project LeadRalf C. Adam
Audio ScriptClemens Wangerin, Michelle Brooks
German TextsRalf C. Adam, Michelle Brooks
German Diary TranslationClemens Wangerin
Diary written byPatrick Dowling
German Manual TranslationFrank Glaser
Props. Designed byStephen Marley
Props. ProductionPaul Oglesby
Sound ConversionReflex Interactive
Script CoordinatorBarry Tuck
Best BoyChad Schofield
Key GripSteve Lamb
Creative Reality Represented byJacqui Lyons
Special FXCameron Buxton

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Credits for this game were contributed by Soulbreather (21), formercontrib (159371) and Randall Mage (120)