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DreamWeb Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
The inventory... even clothes are displayed
Moving to a new location
This is the garage of your girlfriend Eden
Your girlfriend's bedroom
Your gun
Ryan, the unlikely hero...
An example of the many text descriptions in the game. A perfect summary of the atmosphere.
Checking the fridge
Your apartment is not so tidy as your girlfriend's
Your bathroom... where most of the action takes place... yeah, right ;)
In front of Sparky's bar
At Sparky's
In the lobby of Regency hotel
Talking to the receptionist (Spanish version). All the dialogues in the game are displayed like this
Exploring a deserted shore (French version). Most locations in the game - even outdoors - are grim and desolate
You'll travel to the actual Dreamweb between missions, and meet some very strange people you listen to for some reason...
Some of the missions will require you to infiltrate corporate buildings. You enter Studio TV on your way to assassination...
One of the several people you are ordered to kill. He is said to be evil. But he seems to be unarmed... can you do that?
Death awaits you more often than not, too. Here, you are suddenly killed in an instant while admiring the sci-fi imagery
You just killed another person in cold blood... the scene is appropriately horrifying
Exploring subterranean tombs. The playing area is indeed very small in this game. It seems very annoying at first, but you'll feel how it contributes to the oppressive atmosphere
One of the few actual puzzles - most of the tasks in the game are rather simple logical actions or inventory item usage
Oh no... what the hell is this?!..