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Duke: Nuclear Winter Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Introductory movie
Modified expansion title screen.
Deja Vu (Nuclear Winter L1)
Where It All Began (Nuclear Winter L2)
Land of Forgotten Toys (Nuclear Winter L3)
Santa's Corporate HQ (Nuclear Winter L4)
The Backdoor (Nuclear Winter L5)
Christmas Village (Nuclear Winter L6)
Here Comes Santa Claus (Nuclear Winter L7)
Level 1 takes you back to familiar territory.
Strippers in the Christmas spirit.
Pig cops get Santa hats and red coats.
Modified level completed screen.
New snowmen enemies explode into chunks of snow.
Holiday horror film plays at the cinema.
Part of Level 3 mimics the first level of Doom.
Level 4 - outside Santa's HQ.
New elf militants drop random presents when killed.
The chaingun alien gets festive antlers.
Build's reflective floor trick, a la Shadow Warrior.
Santa's office. Does he consider killing aliens naughty or nice?
Level 5 - in the North Pole sewers.
The designers go out of their way to mark the next path.
Giant snowman enemy driving an armed snowmobile.
The floating missile guys get a snowman makeover too.
Disgruntled elves' cabin of sin.
Santa's takeoff runway in Level 6.
Santa's got a lot of mail to answer.
Toy factory line in Level 7.
Down to just you and me, Santa!