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Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition Credits

Atomic Edition Credits

Project Leader/DirectorGeorge Broussard
Assistant DirectorAllen H. Blum III
Game ProgrammingTodd Jason Replogle
"Build" 3D Engine/Tools/NetworkKen Silverman
Map DesignAllen H. Blum III, George Broussard, Randall S. Pitchford II, Keith Schuler
3D ModelingChuck Jones
Additional 3D ModelingDouglas R. Wood
ArtworkStephen A. Hornback, Dirk A. Jones, Brian Martel, James Storey, Douglas R. Wood
MusicLee Jackson
Sound EffectsLee Jackson
Voice TalentJon St. John, Lani Minella
Special Thanks toSteven Blackburn, Scott Miller, Joe Siegler, Terry Nagy, Colleen Compton, Kevin B. Green, Bryan Turner, Dennis Desmeth, Brett Young, all the Realms beta testers
Company Support ThanksAltec Lansing Multimedia, Creative Labs Inc., HASH Inc., NetTV, Yamaha

Original Duke Nukem 3D Credits

Original ConceptTodd Jason Replogle, Allen H. Blum III
Executive ProducerGeorge Broussard
ProducerGreg Molane
Game ProgrammingTodd Jason Replogle
"Build" 3D Engine/Tools/NetworkKen Silverman
Additional ProgrammingMark Dochtermann, Jim Dosé
Map DesignAllen H. Blum III, Richard Gray
3D ModelingChuck Jones, Sapphire Corporation
ArtworkStephen A. Hornback, Dirk A. Jones, James Storey
Additional ArtworkDavid Demaret, Douglas R. Wood
MusicLee Jackson, Robert Prince
Sound EffectsLee Jackson, Robert Prince
Voice TalentJon St. John, Lani Minella
Graphic DesignRobert M. Atkins, Michael P. Hadwin

Level Design: Episode 1

Hollywood HolocaustAllen H. Blum III
Red Light DistrictAllen H. Blum III
Death RowAllen H. Blum III
Toxic DumpAllen H. Blum III
The AbyssRichard Gray
Launch FacilityAllen H. Blum III
Faces of Death (Dukematch Only Level)Allen H. Blum III
Dukematch Level 1 (Dukematch Only Level)Allen H. Blum III

Level Design: Episode 2

MoonbaseAllen H. Blum III
IncubatorRichard Gray
Warp FactorRichard Gray
Fusion StationAllen H. Blum III
Occupied TerritoryAllen H. Blum III
Tiberius StationAllen H. Blum III
Lunar ReactorAllen H. Blum III
Dark SideAllen H. Blum III
OverlordAllen H. Blum III
Spin CycleRichard Gray
Lunatic FringeRichard Gray

Level Design: Episode 3

Raw MeatRichard Gray
Bank RollRichard Gray
Flood ZoneRichard Gray
L.A. RumbleRichard Gray
Movie SetRichard Gray
Rabid TransitRichard Gray
FahrenheitRichard Gray
Hotel HellRichard Gray
StadiumAllen H. Blum III
Tier DropsRichard Gray
FreewayAllen H. Blum III

Level Design: Episode 4

It's ImpossibleRandall S. Pitchford II
Duke BurgerAllen H. Blum III
Shop N BagGeorge Broussard, Richard Gray (Uncredited)
Babe LandAllen H. Blum III
PigstyRandall S. Pitchford II, Richard Gray (Uncredited)
XXX StacyKeith Schuler, Richard Gray (Uncredited)
Critical MassKeith Schuler
DerelictAllen H. Blum III
The QueenRandall S. Pitchford II
Area 51Randall S. Pitchford II

Level Design: Other (Sector Effector Demo Map)Allen H. Blum III (Sector Tag Demo Map)Allen H. Blum III (Zoo Map)Allen H. Blum III

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Credits for this game were contributed by Daedolon (5230), lights out 10000 (18885) and formercontrib (159304)