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The Most Original and Fun FPS Yet Halmanator (602) 4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars
The first game that can be legitimately called a Doom killer Maw (884) 4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars
Hail to the king, baby! Stijn Daneels (85) 4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars
Parallel to Quake - and pretty much the last good 2.5D game. Quackbal (51) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
The best damned 2.5D shooter out there. Andy Voss (1875) unrated
I want to be like Duke when I grow up. Zovni (10627) 4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars
Memorable and innovative: the second great FPS Chris Wright (105) 4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars
The last great 2.5D game. Smackmud (5) 4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars
Possibly the only 2.5D classic to nearly overtake Doom Brandon Lade (4) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
The most fun FPS game to play Medicine Man (374) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.5
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.0
Overall User Score (178 votes) 4.2

Critic Reviews

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Top Secret (Jun, 1996)
[Full version review] Powiem szczerze, jeżeli chciałbym oddać atmosferę pełnej wersji „Duke'a" w porównaniu do shareware’u to powiedziałbym: C-Z-A-D-O-W-A!!!.
The whole game is so versatile that it can be set up completely for anyone, and there are already level editors and game patches appearing, meaning that i's going to last as long as Doom! The only bad thing about the game is that the enemies are a bit rubbish - they're not very imaginative and they look stupid. Anyhow, I can't find any reason not to totally recommend this to every PC owner over the age of 18 It's incredible!
The Retro Spirit (Feb 17, 2011)
Jeg kan nesten ikke signere denne omtalen før jeg har gitt mitt eget subjektive synspunkt på spillet. Da jeg var 14, var det mange av sleivsparkene og referansene i spillet som gikk meg hus forbi da. I dag, 15 år senere, er det mye mer som gir mening, og jeg må nesten erkjenne at spillet gir meg en enda bedre ettersmak i dag enn det gav meg som kvisete fjortiss. Det er sjelden at jeg finner spill som virkelig ikke slutter å overraske og gi meg feelingen av å sitte med et av tidenes mest misforståtte dataspill. Jeg kan på det varmeste anbefale spillet til folk av alle aldre, men jeg tror at aller mest vil dere som vokste opp på 70- og 80-tallet ha mest utbytte av de skjulte referansene og harseleringen med samtidskultur. Som 14-åring ville jeg sagt at spillet kvalifiserer til terningkast 6. I dag må jeg dessverre vedgå med stor skuffelse at det er synd at vi ikke har funnet opp den 7de siden på terningen, for dette spillet fortjener virkelig 7 av 6 mulige poeng.
Techtite (2000)
Indeed, the title character Duke Nukem --an amalgam of the typical invincible, deep voiced, action film tough guy-- seemed too sexist at times, as did the whole game. However, fans of similarly macho action movies found a lot to like here. As long as you didn't take the game too seriously, the whole game truly was a lot of fun. In fact, this is one of many late 1990's games which would have made it onto Techtite's list of Top 50 Game Classics, if not for 1995 being the cut off date chosen for the term "classic" in gaming. This is a game that even exceeded the original game it "cloned"...and that is hardly easy!
Just Games Retro (Jun 11, 2011)
It’s quite a legacy, and Duke as a game is certainly good enough to live up to it. I’m sure plenty of modern gamers aren’t going to be able to get over the 2D sprites and very wonky view warping when looking up or down (hell, even the industry abandoned all this when Quake came out just six months later – as evidenced by Shadow Warrior’s poor commercial performance). I say they’re missing out on a fun time and a creative campaign. There still aren’t many shooters, even today, that put this level of interaction, detail, and care into their levels. When Duke came out, the cover of PC Gamer proclaimed that Duke was finally a “Doom killer.” Over a decade later, we can look back and agree definitively that yes, yes it was. Hail to the King, baby.
Electric Playground (Jun 25, 1996)
With solid support on the TEN network, the level editor (a fantastic feature which Roger will cover) and an already strong following the debate will rage for some time as to which title (Duke or Quake) will grab the highest honours this year. My early bet is on Duke as it is just too much fun in one package to beat. I simply have not had this much digital fun in all my years of gaming and may not for some time. But then again Tie Fighter vs. X-Wing hasn't been released yet. Duke Nukem 3D is and should be considered an all time classic in the world of video gaming. It certainly hasn't broken any new ground but it has pulled from the best aspects of Doom, Descent, Marathon and Dark Forces to become the very best of its kind. Not bad for a guy who started his career as a rather pathetic 2D platformer.
GamePro (US) (May 04, 2005)
Replete with everything parents and congressmen love to hate, Duke Nukem 3D is first-person gaming at its ultimate. Violence, sex, humor, originality and more long-term fun that you can shake a double-barreled shotgun at.
High Score (Apr, 1996)
Duke Nukem 3D kräver en snabb dator, en 486 66:a är ett absolut minimum, men på rätt maskin är det här ett suveränt spel.
The gameplay is a lot of fun. Most games of this genre have simply been the run around and shoot things type, and Duke is no exception. However, this game has an exceptional quality - fun! It's just more fun than most others of it's kind. It's the little things, like seeing yourself in a mirror, finding an alien on the toilet, or tipping the strippers, that sort of thing. It all comes together seamlessly to make a superb game. Bottom Line: 3D action with an edge. Humour, weapons, and lots of little extras make this more than worthwhile. Highest recommendation.
Duke Nukem 3D is the most stunning, mindblowing, and time consuming title to come along since DOOM & Descent! Just when you thought all the DOOM clones in the world had come and gone, 3D Realms comes along and rewrites how first person perspective games are to be played! To be totally honest with you, no one here can say a bad thing about Duke Nukem 3D. The shareware was and still is a game in itself, and for free you can't beat it. If you loved the shareware, and wished for more after completing every level of it, this is certainly well worth every cent of the $39. The addition of the level editor being included along with the title, gives Duke Nukem 3D an unmatched level of replay value right out of the box. Once you crush all the bad guys, you can build your own custom Dukematch & single player levels, or just wait to snag some off the net. In no time there will be hundreds, if not thousands floating about.
Trzeba przyznać, że klimat NUKE 3D przebija nawet DOOM. Dochodzi do tego bardzo staranna oprawa graficzna (w trybie nawet 800x600) i fenomenalne dźwięki. Jest to pierwszy tytuł, o którym mogę z czystym sumieniem powiedzieć, że podoba mi się bardziej niż DOOM. DOOM był jakością samą w sobie i zawsze będzie w panteonie gier zręcznościowych, ale czas płynie nieubłaganie i pora ustąpić pola.
Længe har id Software med DOOM været den overlegne enehersker, men nu er en ny stjerne født! 3D Realms har med Duke Nukem 3D vundet den lange kamp med et pletskud, og har dermed også markeret ægtheden af et rigtigt 3D-spil! Fra nu vil man ikke længere sammenligne denne type spil med DOOM, men med Duke Nukem 3D — køb det nu!
Pelit (May, 1996)
Duke Nukem 3D:n shareware-versio onnistui todella yllättämään. Paitsi, että se tiristi jotain uutta kuoliaaksi kopioidusta Doom-genrestä, se myös tyrkkäsi itse herra Doomin valtaistuimeltaan.
PC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
I honestly think Duke is more than value for money. It's more inventive, and more entertaining, than Doom. I know they've had long enough to get it right (but so have many others, who've tried and failed), and I know that with Quake about to hit us, things have moved on in the meantime. Someone in the office said that this looks like a cartoon, and Quake looks real. This is also true, but that doesn't mean that this isn't a great game in its own right. We like it a lot. If Apogee don't make much money on it, they'll only have themselves to blame. They've timed its release really badly: it should have been out six months ago. But it's still good.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jun, 1996)
Dit is een must voor iedere spelfanaat. Of zoals Duke het op zijn eigen manier zo prachtig verwoordt: "It time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of bubblegum !"
Game Revolution (Jun 05, 1996)
Duke Nukem is not really revolutionary, but it is very good game. The well known (by now) first-person format lends itself well to Duke, and the game sucks you right in. Even more fun are networked games where you get to blow away your friends. The thing that bothers me most about this game is the inevitable 'Duke Nukem Movie'. All this publicity is bound to become more personally irritating to me than anything since 'The Dukes of Hazzard'.
But, having said all that, DUKE is absolute fun. It's great deconstructing the alien aggressors into component eyeballs, teeth and limbs while listening to Duke's throaty bon mots. DUKE'S environment isn't the most compelling 3D world I've seen, but it is the most fully realized: densely populated with things to discover, things to interact with and things to blow to hell. Yeah, the juvenile humor gets thin after awhile, but it gives the game attitude and personality. There certainly is room for improvement in DUKE, but the environment is right and the gameplay is fun. So maybe next time, we'll get a game that aims a little higher. Until then, I'll be shattering some aliens with my boot and the trusty ol' Freezethrower.
Political incorrectness aside (chicks), Duke Nukem 3D has to rank in the top echelon of first-person shooters due to its overwhelming fun factor. Duke is riding high in the saddle and deservedly so. Now where did I put that rocket launcher - it's time to rock and roll, baby!
FZ (Dec 16, 2006)
Duke Nukem 3D är bland de mest actionpackade, hysteriskt intensiva och roligaste FPS som går att uppleva från den gamla skolans skjutaspel. Jag spelade aldrig mot kompisar på PC, utan mina minnen från att sprätta vänner med RPG är med linkade Playstations och fyra kontroller till Nintendo 64. Det är förvånande roligt att bara spela en mot en på grund av Jetpacks och fällor. Det är kanske inte lika revolutionerande som Doom, inte lika snyggt eller lika bra i multiplayer som Quake, men det är originellt nog för att man utan vidare kan vänta tio år på en uppföljare. Visst är det nostalgi, men nostalgin räcker bara tillräckligt långt för att få dig att börja spela. Det är Duke Nukem 3D:s råa, otämjda energi som får dig att fortsätta.
Duke Nukem 3D is worth the download time to try at the very least and worth buying when you find you like it. Duke Nukem 3D's only major weakness is that there are only about 9 different alien creatures in it but you'll hardly notice with the various locations and vast maps you have to explore. If you've played the shareware game then I strongly urge you to buy the full game, you won't be disappointed!
PC Games (Germany) (Mar, 1996)
Duke Nukem 3D ist ein Muß für jeden eingefleischten Actionfan. Die fast schon revolutionäre Grafik und die vielen kleinen Gimmicks fesseln stundenlang an den Bildschirm. Lediglich die etwas komplizierte Steuerung und die nur latent vorhandene Story lassen sich als Kritikpunkte anführen. Wer sich bislang mit diesem Genre nur wenig anfreunden konnte, sollte trotzdem einen Blick riskieren.
GameSpot (May 01, 1996)
It's rare when a game comes along that really kicks your ass. 3D Realm's full version of Duke Nukem 3D is just that kind of posterior pummeler. With its free-flowing 3D action, over-the-top weapons, and ruthlessly attitudinal protagonist, Duke Nukem will have PC gamers worldwide rubbing their rumps with spine-tingling glee. Prepare to take off your thinking cap and immerse yourself in a world of violent bliss. The ballots have been cast and the verdict has arrived: The Duke is A-#1.
Power Play (Jun, 1996)
Hail to the King: „Duke Nukem“ spielt sich in der Vollversion so genial wie die erste Shareware-Episode. Speziell das Leveldesign überzeugt: Jede Map sieht anders aus, ohne daß der rote Faden verloren geht, ständig gibt es „Aha“-Erlebnisse, Überraschungen und Gags. Die sind zwar schamlos aus verschiedenen Spielen und Filmen geklaut, aber was soll's: Das Programm ist keine Innovationskanone, sondern mixt geschickt das Beste aus allen Action-Welten. DN3D ist der erst 3D-Titel seit längerem, der mit alleine vor dem Rechner wesentlich mehr Spaß macht als im Netzwerk, denn vom Multiplayer-Modus bin ich leicht enttäuscht.
Oldies Rising (Aug 06, 2008)
Toujours aussi agréable, Duke Nukem 3D constitue non seulement une avancée non négligeable dans le domaine du FPS, mais il est également devenu un mythe, en partie grâce à son univers décalé et à son héros unique.
85 (Aug 24, 2009)
« Come get some ! ». Depuis sa sortie en 1995, Duke Nukem 3D siège fièrement au panthéon des jeux vidéo. Et on comprend pourquoi. Brillant mélange d'humour noir, d'action et d'horreur, il reste incontestablement le plus beau bijou créé par 3DRealms. Un titre que tous les amateurs de jeux de tir subjectif se doivent de posséder.
Shooterplanet (Dec 26, 2004)
Duke Nukem 3d's Stärken liegen ganz klar in den Waffen, den ersten Levels und v.a den coolen Sprüchen. Aus heutiger Sicht ist es komplett veraltet - es stören v.a. die Sprites und die Tatsache, dass man es ohne Port nicht unter Windows XP spielen kann. Wer allerdings das Spiel mit dem High. Res. Pack spielt, kann auch heute noch Spaß daran haben. Mit diesem Spiel landete 3D Realms Entertainment seinezeit einen der größten Hits.
3D shooter fans - and there are lots of them - will love the original ideas and it's well worth a look by everyone.
The commercial version of Duke3D is definitely worth picking up if you enjoyed the shareware. Everything you liked in the shareware version is there with plenty extra to boot. All the toys shouldn't hurt either when considering the game. I would rem ind you though to please try the shareware before you get the commercial version, to make sure the game is for you. More than one person I know was seriously turned off by the strippers in the shareware, and it does get a little worse in the commercial ( if that kinda thing bothers you). Anyway, this game is a great value, and worth a seat at the Doom legacy table.
GameSurge (Jun 25, 1997)
Again, why bother? Because just when you think that you're done with this silly, boring game, and are just about to exit and erase the whole bloody thing, something happens. A floor collapses, something blows up, or Duke may say a funny line - and trust me, the lines are very funny. And that is what makes DN3D fun. Passable action, intense gore, and a genuinely twisted sense of humor. If you're looking for the next big thing in computer gaming, try Quake or something, but if you're in the mood for big guns, big bangs, and big fun than try out Duke Nukem 3D.
Gameplay is ultimately what we're interested in, and in this area, Duke is the king. But so what? If 3D Realms really wants to impress us, they can move beyond this type of gameplay. Because as good as Duke is (and make no mistake, it's really good), you just can't help but think that someone needs to take this genre to another level, kind of like those guys called id did back in '92. Have any of these games really changed from Wolfenstein 3D? Perhaps that's part of their appeal - their familiarity. Kind of like the buddy flick and the romance novel, nothing really changes, but that doesn't stop people from spending their money on them. If you really messed with the formula, would everyone rejoice over your innovation or would they merely say they liked the old way better? Who knows, certainly not 3D Realms, who are milking the genre for all its worth.
80 (Dec 21, 2003)
La Terre, quelques années dans le futur. Alors que les Etats-Unis dominent le monde et que tout va donc pour le mieux, de vilains extra-terrestres décident de s’en prendre à la suprématie de la bannière étoilée. C’est alors qu’un héros se lève. Cent kilos de muscles, des cheveux blonds décolorés à faire pâlir d’envie un GI, des lunettes de soleil et tout un arsenal de gros flingues, de munitions, de gadgets et de vannes à deux balles. Le héros des héros est né. J’ai nomme : Duke Nukem. Pour les archéologues, ce n’est pas un inconnu, puisque ce personnage était déjà présent dans les deux premiers volets de la série, des jeux de plates-formes somme toute assez classiques.
Unter den Computerspielen gehört Duke Nukem 3D eindeutig zu den geschmacklosesten. Seien es nun die arroganten Sprüche, die vergossenen Pixelblut-Liter, das Eliminieren von Frauen-Sprites oder Töten ganzer Monsterhorden - Gewalt pur steht auf dem Programm. Das Geschehen wirkt aber derart übertrieben, daß man es eigentlich nicht ernst nehmen kann - stellen Sie sich den mit zehn schweren Waffen und zahlreichen Munitionskanistern bepackten Blondschopf einmal bildlich vor... Nichtsdestotrotz ist die Action vom feinsten, mit stumpfsinnigen Ballern läst man keine einzige Mission.
Retroguiden (Dec 09, 2010)
Duke Nukem 3D är ett fjorton år gammalt spel som stundtals imponerar därför att man nästan helt slutat göra den här typen av spel. Det som inledningsvis verkar vara en pinsam sörja av dålig satir och en massa hjärndött pang-pang blir längre in i spelet till en utmanande upplevelse där ens intellekt testas mot spelmakarnas diton, och i ett sådant koncept saknar man inte ständiga avbrott för att föra handlingen framåt. Med moderna förbättringar som Eduke32 kan man dessutom spela spelet med full mus/tangentbordsstyrning samt i högre upplösningar med klara grafikförbättringar tack vare OpenGL-stöd. Så även de som normalt sett inte klarar av allt för pixlig grafik har allt att vinna på att införskaffa Duke Nukem 3D.
I still pop Duke Nukem 3D in my computer from time to time, though. It’ll never replace the Doom games in my heart, but it’s still a pretty fun kill-a-thon that, at times, does show some nice innovation. Unfortunately, it’s just a bit TOO much like its predecessor for it to stand out in my mind as a particularly noteworthy game.
Top Secret (May, 1996)
[Shareware version review] Oczywiście nie można zapomnieć o najważniejszym czynniku, wpływającym na nasze westchnienia zachwytu, czyli grywalności. To co się dzieje podczas gry, krew, wrzaski, lecące łuski, dym, ogień i pożoga, to wszystko pozwala nam wpaść w obłędny nastrój prawdziwych psów wojny.