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Written by  :  Andy Voss (1875)
Written on  :  Nov 03, 1999
Platform  :  DOS

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The best damned 2.5D shooter out there.

The Good

If you're not into network play, this is a GREAT solitaire action game. Constant attention was paid to details, from bullet holes in the walls to exploding toilets to a functional pool table. Even though it's only 256 colors, it doesn't seem all that limited visually - except, of course, when you look up and down. The greatest thing, of course, is that Duke, unlike equivalent hero of Quake or Unreal, has an attitude, and it's used in so many ways throughout the game's storyline.

The Bad

Cheezy midi music reminds you that Apogee is behind the game. Also, it's clear from the gameplay (looking left/right, and being killed) that the visual area doesn't have to be straight up and down - so why isn't tilting used more often? Oh well, with all the fancy features in the engine, they had enough to contend with.

The Bottom Line

Duke3D bridges the gap (whatever that might be) between Doom and Quake. But, it's definitely not a game for people who just want to shoot at each other over the net - or for people who are politically correct.