Duke Nukem 3D Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Loading screen
Difficulty selection with colorful titles!
The game starts right here. You are dropped on the roof, witnessing an aerial assault on the city
The first few levels take place in recognizable urban environments. Here, Duke stands over an enemy corpse and figures out how to enter that building
Early in the game this movie theater is a major location. A shoot-out with aliens begins!
Duke Nukem 3D is all about deliberately juvenile humor. Naturally, you'll see such "art" quite a few times. What's important is the detail!.. ... I mean... in level design!
An early chapter of Episode One takes place in a video store - with a Pig Cop shooting at you!
Later, Episode One will take you to beautiful outdoor areas. Ahh, the starry skies - you'll soon travel there!..
Episode One concludes with some facility levels. Here, a crazy alien is jumping high using a jetpack
The Battlelord at the end of Episode 1
Episode Two takes place in a space station. Using a miniaturizing gun - check the effects
Oh my... I've got to take a picture of this!..
Episode Two gets a more "organic" feel as it evolves. Some scenes are weird and quite disturbing
One of the most colorful, mysterious areas near the end of Episode Two
The Moonbase Overlord at the end of Episode 2
Episode Three begins in a... sushi bar! Recognizable urban locations make a triumphant return!
External view: Level altering
The Shrinker works its magic
Fighting sharks with scuba gear
Flying and attacking with the jetpack
Take that, Octabrain! Who's your daddy now?
Splatter carnage
Up close and personal with an enforcer
Some buildings are now underwater
Mounting a laser tripbomb
Fighting in toxic waste
Reloading a shotgun while exploring a half-ruined public area in the middle of Episode Three
Duke is shooting a rocket at a poster of a movie starring himself. I think this is the best illustration of the game's style
The Holo-Duke and the real Duke are ready to do more battle! You'll pay for burning my city, alien scum!
Defeated enemies on the street late in Episode Three. A car is ahead
We all know that Duke was a cool guy, but we didn't HOW cool he was...
Star Trek?
The good ol' 2001 Monolith
Say hello to Mr. Pipe Bomb
Who would have thought the old man would have so much blood in him?
We meet again, Dr. Jones... for the last time!
Trying to blow up the duke
Another Alien seen via the security cam... mm kick its tail
Whoa... this is ugly!
BOOM! The Devastator-weapon will leave nothing but a little lifeless bloodpool on the floor after that Enforcer-guy
The story is narrated when you view the help screen
That's one DOOMED space marine!
Damn it! That's where I parked it!
In the original release, it was possible to use both the normal foot weapon (right foot) and the Mighty Foot (left foot) at the same time, even while moving, giving a rather unnatural visual result.
A decisive battle against the Cycloid Emperor - with cheerleaders supporting!
ANSI art logo from the 3D Realms shareware version installer.
The shareware version will identify itself as such with a message when a new game is started. Also note that ammo counters for registered version weapons are replaced with the word ORDER.
One of the shareware version's ordering information screens.
The game uses preview screenshots of saved games, a feature pioneered by Rise of the Triad.
The automap has two modes: a wireframe overlay...
...and a solid map with floor textures. Duke is shown in top-down view in both modes.