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Duke Nukem II is a platform game and a sequel to Duke Nukem. While giving an interview on TV, the famous muscular hero Duke Nukem is captured by the evil Rigelatins, who intend to use his brain for conquering Earth. Duke easily escapes his prison cell.

Now he has to make his way through four episodes, each one consisting of an assortment of levels with varying graphic design. On his way, Duke has to destroy lots of obstacles and enemies - both Rigelatin forces and apparent local wildlife. Initially, Duke has just a weak laser rifle, but he can also find a flamethrower (which allows him to shoot down to launch himself in the air), a rocket launcher or a far more powerful laser cannon. These stronger weapons, however, have limited ammo.

There are also lots of items to collect: health items such as soda cans or atom power-ups, Duke Nukem merchandise which gives score, keys and access cards that let him pass through locked door or electrical barriers. Duke can also find a rapid fire power-up which lets him shoot faster, a cloaking device which allows him to go through forcefields, and a globe which will give the player a hint when brought to a special pedestal. A lot of items are hidden in boxes of various colors which have to be opened by shooting. Beware, as some boxes do not contain items, but rather a harmful bomb!

On some levels, Duke can find a small spaceship. He can enter it and fly around the level, using the ship's powerful cannon to mow down everything in his way. However, the ship won't fit everywhere, so Duke will have to get out of it eventually.


Duke Nukem II DOS Get ready to rock!
Duke Nukem II DOS Collect these letters in the correct order to make
Duke Nukem II DOS Overview of the Duke's weapons
Duke Nukem II DOS An enemy

Promo Images

Duke Nukem II Screenshot
Duke Nukem II Screenshot
Duke Nukem II Screenshot
Duke Nukem II Screenshot


Alternate Titles

  • "Duke Nukum II" -- Working title
  • "Duke Nukem 2: Escape from Alien Abductors!" -- Dutch title

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User Reviews

He's back to kick some more ass! Katakis | カタキス (42781) 4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars
A competent follow-up to a classic 2D Platformer Ryu (56) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
He's baaaaaaaaaack!... Mr. Me (34) 3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars
Duke blows up some more stuff Shadowcaster (261) unrated
Entertaining game, but nothing revolutionary Zovni (10628) 2.75 Stars2.75 Stars2.75 Stars2.75 Stars2.75 Stars
Don't ask... Nukem! Daedolon (6278) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Duke's back - with a vengeance! Tomer Gabel (4634) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
We gave Duke another chance, and he delivered quite a good game. Jim Fun (243) unrated
A pretty good side scroller, better than the original!!! James1 (244) unrated

Critic Reviews

Examiner Jul 03, 2014 4 out of 5 80
ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) Feb, 1994 9 out of 12 75
PC Player (Germany) Jan, 1994 Unscored Unscored


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The voice in the intro, "I'm back!", is done by Joe Siegler, 3D Realms' webmaster.


Duke Nukem II and its predecessor obviously used graphics taken from other games, for instance from Turrican and Savage, two classic platformers. See this link for some good examples. It is unknown, but doubtful, whether or not this was done with permission of the authors of these games.

Game Titles

An official statement from Apogee regarding the many game titles of Duke Nukem:

There is frequently a great deal of confusion over the correct spelling of one of Apogee's most prized characters, Duke Nukem. The original spelling for the name was "Duke Nukem"; however, during the code fix stage between v1.0 and v2.0 of the original game, Apogee found a character overseas named "Duke Nukem" that was thought to be copyrighted. So, for v2.0 of the original Duke game, the name was changed to "Duke Nukum." Then, during the programming of the next Duke Nukem game (Duke Nukem II), it was discovered that the character they found overseas was not copyrighted after all -- and so the original name was reinstated. "Duke Nukem" is also the spelling used in all successive games that featured the character.

The spellings "Duke Nuke 'em," "Duke Nuke'um," "Duke Nuke'm," "Duke Nuk'em" or other variations are not, and were never, correct. The correct spelling of the game is "Duke Nukem".


In addition to using graphics from Turrican and Savage, the first level's music bears a striking resemblance to Megadeth's "Angry Again".


In this game Duke is kidnapped by Rigelatins, a reference to Star Trek's Rigelians.


Duke Nukem II requires a VGA compliant video card in order to run, which would be capable of displaying 256 different colors at a time. Nevertheless, the game's graphics feature only 16 distinct colors - this was already possible using the older EGA standard. It's essentially still an EGA game engine, only using the VGA specific features to provide a custom color palette.


  • A complete version of Duke Nukem II is available on Classic Games Collection CD featured with the July 2000 issue of PC Gamer Magazine.
  • You can find the full version of Duke Nukem II on the CD of Duke Nukem 3D (as well as the first Duke Nukem game).
Information also contributed by Bhatara Dewa Indra I, Cantillon, Goteki45, Karthik KANE, Kyle Levesque, NGC 5194 and CaptainCanuck.

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