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Duke!ZONE II Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Arctic Assault level 1 start
Here I am floating in a hole in the sea ice. Arctic indeed!
Under the water's surface, an exit beckons. An exit and a shark!
Emerging from the water.
Ah, mindless combat. That's what was missing!
Navigating an area of environmental hazard.
Monkey Shines level 1 start
The map mode is lookin' good!
Didn't have to wait as long to find combat this time.
Take my wife... please!
Ooh... poundy machinery!
I missed the spark of high intensity, but the arc was impressively zappy.
Dag, it beamed away my access card as I was using it.
Taking care of the level boss. Not very good care, mind you.
Monkey Shines level 2 start
This looks like where I belong...
Observe the effects of my shrinking ray in action. I then switch over to the foot for some enemy-squishing.
These buttons need be toggled in a certain pattern... darn it, I'm not patient enough to sit through nine iterations!
Alien Abby level 1 start
Here comes the cavalry.
Another hidden underwater area. I sense a recurring pattern...