Written by  :  Shayne Bates (13)
Written on  :  Apr 23, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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Each victory more satisfying than the previous.

The Good

Really addictive , can play for hours on end and still not get bored.

Can play three Houses. Each with their own similiarities and distinctions.For example - The Harkonnen Devastator tank can rip the crap out of buildings and takes forever to destroy, while the Ordos Deviator can take control of enemy units for a small period of time(which is pretty useless unless you know what to do with the newly acquired units).

Have two of you favourite houses from the book , Harkonnen and Atreides. Plus , a new faction called the Ordos.(The hardest house to win with).

The Bad

This game has only token references to the book. Whereas in Dune1 , you played 1st person perspective of Paul (main character of book Dune) , Dune 2 has only taken the idea of major factions battling it out on Arrakis.

You can only move one unit at a time. Very frustrating when planning a massive attack.

The AI (artificial intelligence) is a little primitive. You can have your tanks blasting away at one of your buildings because an enemy is on the other side. (This is also a good thing i suppose , putting a trike behind an enemy building to provoke the enemy to attack you through their buildings is a laugh). Plus , the other aspect of the AI is the enemy attacks. They gather at the same spot and follow a pre-set pattern to your base. Once you have figured where theyre attacking from, you can defend yourself easily and the level may as well be finished.

Finally , the Ordos have been disadvantaged in one of the earlier levels. The very first level that Missile launchers are used , the Ordos are left without them.

The Bottom Line

One of my favourite games. Had a friend buy a computer for the sole reason of playing this game.