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Dune Credits

43 people (38 developers, 5 thanks)


Designed byCryo Interactive Entertainment
Directed byRémi Herbulot
Team ManagerPhilippe Ulrich
GraphicsJean-Jacques Chaubin, Didier Bouchon, Sohor Ty
ProgrammingRémi Herbulot, Patrick Dublanchet
MusicStéphane Picq, Philippe Ulrich
SoundStéphane Picq
Music available on CD edited byVirgin Music
Adlib music uses HERAN system (c)Rémi Herbulot
ProducersStephen Clarke-Willson, David A. Luehmann, David Bishop, Jean-Martial Lefranc
Original DesignRémi Herbulot, Didier Bouchon
Special AdvisorDavid Bishop
Cover ArtworkLauren Rifkin
Sky PallettesDanièle Herbulot
AnimationsSohor Ty, Didier Bouchon
Graphics ToolsPatrick Dublanchet
Sietch DecoratorStéphane Picq
Product TestersMichael Gater, John Martin, Jeff Wagoner, Ronald Friedman, Tim Williams, Justin Norr
French VersionDanièle Herbulot
German VersionWolf Percival
U.S. Manual EditingLisa Marcinko, Anthony J. Mesaros, Robin Kausch
Acting / VoiceoversKim Michelle Broderick, Jerome Di Giacomo, Patrick Floersheim, Roger Lumont, Edward Marcus, Mike Marshall, Olivier Pierre, Mimi Seton, Ken Starcevic, Karen Strassman, Yannick Vail
Special Thanks ToJean-Martial Lefranc, Frank Herman, Martin Alper, Henri Chalifour, Grant Hamilton
Cover Design (Europe)Andrew Wright, Mick Lowe
Marketing (UK)Andrew Wright
PR (UK)Andrew Wright
Executive Producer for Virgin GamesAndrew Wright

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Credits for this game were contributed by iShrek (3692), Tomer Gabel (4634), Andrew Wright (12) and formercontrib (158024)

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