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Dune Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Princess Irulan (played by Virginia Madsen) tells the story during introduction in CD Version
Title (CD version)
Intro Sequence
Paul Atreides, the protagonist, in other words: you
Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
The story begins in Atreides palace - Carthag
Audience Room
You can choose even 'Fremen' as one of the languages
"Paul, I am your father!" That's right, he really is.
A view on Dune from the palace balcony
Lady Jessica Atreides, your mother
Select destination for your ornithopter
Flying over the desert to a sietch
Gurney Halleck, your friend and teacher
The Map of Dune
The Globe with all important results
The Book of Dune
One of the pages in the Book of Dune
Arrakis statistics
The new hope for Arrakis
Raid on a Harkonnen Fort
A Sandworm
riding a Sandworm
Harkonnen Captain
Death in the desert
Liet Kynes - planetary ecologist
Orbital planet view
Jessica's garden
Fremen's sietch
Prison - new mercenaries
Holographic communication
Atreides Palace
Final place to conquer
In front of the mirror in your room is the only place where you can save your game progress
Flying through the canyon, the CD-ROM version includes 3D flying sequence
Use ornithopter to visit Fremen sietches
Talking to Harrah, a Fremen girl
As you get more and more affected by the spice, you'll be able to receive visions