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Dunjax Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (VGA, v2.5)
The story so far (VGA, v2.5)
Killing spree! (VGA, v2.5)
Certain hidden wall sections allow passing through (VGA, v2.5)
Indestructible dude blocking the corridor (VGA, v2.5)
Now what did I do with that key... (VGA, v2.5)
Cavemen on my left side, crushers to the right (VGA, v2.5)
Passwords let you skip ahead to later levels (VGA, v2.5)
Watch out for those rock-hurling trolls (VGA, v2.5)
Curiously humanoid enemies... and they shoot back! (VGA, v2.5)
Extra life powerups have a nasty side - they bounce off your shots (VGA, v2.5)
Title screen (CGA, v1.02)
How to play (CGA, v1.02)
Those alien bastards are gonna pay for shooting up my ride (CGA, v1.02)
Making a bow-legged run for the door (CGA, v1.02)
Thanks for the lift (CGA, v1.02)
Slip-sliding away... (CGA, v1.02)
Beware the Pointy Things! (CGA, v1.02)