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Eagle Eye Mysteries in London Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

High Score Productions
Stormfront Studios
Game Title
Select your partner
Select which mystery to solve
Game Map
Travel scene
Reviewing the suspects
Scotland Yard
Info about Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle
Studying evidence
Game Options
The subway.
A pretend murder mystery is under way. Can you solve it?
In the garden.
The living room.
Let's talk to the butler.
Let's see if we can find a clue...
Remember kids! Don't make illegal copy of this game!
Jennifer and Jake use three modes of transportation to get around: the cab, trains and of course famous London double-decker buses. :)
The stone lions of Trafalgar Square in a cat-related puzzle.
Close up on the map of London
The Highgate Cemetery seems very green, almost overgrown...
Someone's trying to disturb the fox hunt and that's a good thing!
At the seashore
The famous Tower of London
An exhibit at the British Museum.
Stonehenge - the stone in the front, standing apart from the others, is in fact significant in another mystery.
Some mysteries are not even real crimes, rather social games in which a group of people pretend that a crime has been committed at the manor...
...or even ones in which one group builds a castle model and another one is trying to attack it. Note the typo. :(
Every now and then some copy protection appears. Fortunately, in cases like this one you can just keep guessing...
The semaphore code puzzle is copy protection too, but I found it fun to solve just by typing "semaphore code" into the search engine...
The Westminster Abbey
Egyptian exhibit at the museum. In fact, quite a lot of puzzles have Egyptian motifs.
Even if we exclude the ancient Egyptian queen, this suspect list can serve as a reminder that Britain is diverse. :D
A younger teenager such as Jennifer has a completely correct reaction to love song kitsch. :)
Another social game in a real medieval castle: help the "queen" discover which "knight" is undeservedly trying to win her favour. (Btw, a nice thing is that now "knights" can be female too. :))
In several puzzles a mysterious person called "Macavity" makes fun of the police, appearing more like a troublemaker than a real criminal. Now we are close to discovering their identity...