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Amiga version

The programmer of the Amiga version left following message in one of the game's files:

Written by Toby Simpson and Jeremy Sherlock,
it must be said that Richard Costas was the original programmer along with Toby, on this project, but because Ricky walked out, and I took over from him, rewriting a lot of his shit and badly written, unprofessional and ridiculously long winded code, and the fact that this was only half finished, I have decided not to include this fat git in the credits for this game, signed Jez
I will credit Richard Costas with the blame for a lot of hassle, stress, late nights and my hatred for the twat!


A mildly curious fact, from the file:
Adlib Music Support
If you have an Adlib Soundboard installed then you can hear the Eco-Phantoms music by starting Eco-Phantoms using ECO S or ECOS S. Note: The save game file from a game started with music active is not compatable with the game running without music (and vice versa). The save game files have different names to avoid accidental loading of the wrong type.

Information also contributed by B.L. Stryker

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