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Ecstatica II Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

If only the characters in every game were compelled to parade out the opening credits
Title screen
Stats / inventory screen
Another title screen
Opening movie with credits - the hero's girlfriend is kidnapped ! No gender choice in the sequel...
Game start
At the blackshmith's shop
Your castle
I have a bad feeling about this
A lot is to explore in Ecstatica 2
The inner courtyard
The castle's entrance
Fighting three black knights
Some enemies leave healing portions or magical scrolls after a fight
The very inside of your castle is huge
The thrown room ... without a king
Having a drink at the bar
Naked tortured bodies are typical for the Ecstatica series
One part of library
This is not a good place to stay
Inside the Castle
Gore is everywhere
Finding the treasure chamber
The castle's garden
Our lonely hero
You can swim through the moat but there are mean fishes in it
The graveyard
The graveyard from above ... nice lighting here
You can fall a very long time
Torture scenes are really disturbing
The drawbrigde is down and the wilderness is ready to explore
The wilderness with a view on the hunting lodge
Inside the church
Nobody survived the demon hordes
Lost in the wilderness
This one is a good example of the organic and vivid ellipsoid technology
That was one wrong step
Because of fix camera angles you may miss some routes
A horse is a horse ...
A place to calm down
Exploring an eerie cave
After clearing the village some residents return to their homes
A resident from the village begs you for mercy
That was the wrong potion