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EGA-Roids (DOS)

EGA-Roids DOS Title screen


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Written by  :  Slawomir Kuczera (91)
Written on  :  Aug 14, 2003
Rating  :  1.33 Stars1.33 Stars1.33 Stars1.33 Stars1.33 Stars

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First of all - boring... second - more boring.

The Good

There's not much to like in this game. It was made for one purpose only - to show the "huge possibilities" of being state-of-the-art back then, an EGA (Enhanced Graphics Adapter) card. But it could hardly make anyone to buy this card after watching and playing this one. Even high resolution mode (640x350 - which was much better then any 8-bits computer could handle) didn't catch much of the players attention, that's why the game was a fiasco. Yet I think it didn't cost much to make :-)

The Bad

I don't like MANY things in this title - boring graphic, pathetic controls which cannot be reconfigurable - what's worse I'm like about 85% of population right-handed, and the programmer has got to be from "the minority", I couldn't get used to it even after few hours. Don't get me wrong, but in arcade game logical and easy to learn controlling is crucial!

The Bottom Line

An unsuccessful experiment which goal was to present technical capabilities of EGA graphic cards in a pleasant way. Until you're not an archeologist, be aware of this one.