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Elite Plus Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

EGA/VGA 16 colors: Title screen
EGA/VGA 16 colors: Credits
EGA/VGA 16 colors: Cobra MkIII
EGA/VGA 16 colors: Status screen
EGA/VGA 16 colors: After launch
MCGA 256 colors: Title screen
MCGA 256 colors: Credits
MCGA 256 colors: Cobra MkIII
MCGA 256 colors: Status screen
MCGA 256 colors: After launch
Save commander. (MCGA)
Market. (MCGA)
Equip your ship. (MCGA)
Short range chart. (MCGA)
Lave info. (MCGA)
Diso info. (MCGA)
Launching from space station. (MCGA)
Hyperspacing. (MCGA)
Docking with a space station.
My ship is starting to become overrun with Tribbles.
Oh noes! Tribbles are everywhere!
A mission - super nova.