Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

I don't usually do shots of corporate logos, but... look! The game is so scary the "presents" is /bleeding/!
Horrorsoft's logo, also, never looked, uh, cheesecakier.
Title screen
Character selection
Starting location
Mystical contact from our damsel in distress
A quiet enough night out here...
Peering in the window of the security booth, looking at our vital statistics.
Looks like some horrific business is afoot here! I wonder what's in the closet?
Oh, just another one of those...
Winning the game will involve mastering an array of spells.
Scrutinizing the security cameras.
Elvira has so much attitude, even her car is sassy and disrespectful!
The game is set on a B-movie studio lot, strewn with goofy paraphernalia for atmosphere.