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Empire Deluxe Credits


Original ConceptMark Lewis Baldwin, Walter Bright, Bob Rakosky
DesignMark Lewis Baldwin, Bob Rakosky
ProgrammingMark Lewis Baldwin, Bob Rakosky
Additional ProgrammingMark Caldwell
Music / Sound ProgrammingBob Rakosky, Wallace Music and Sound Inc., THE Audio Solution Inc.
Graphics / ArtworkMark Lewis Baldwin, Ricardo Barrera, Stuart Compton, Ron Knowlton, Bonita Long-Hemsath, Julia Ulano
SoundBob Rakosky, Wallace Music and Sound Inc.
ProductionRichard Espy, Scott McDaniel
DocumentationPaul Rattner, Bill W. Baldwin
PlaytestingDean Bakeris, Mark Carroll, Edward Cha, Christian Dailey, Eric Dybsand, Alan Emrich, Mario Escamilla, John Furse, Roger Gilbertson, Marco Hunter, Robert Lupo, Michael Santo, Trevor C. Sorensen, Michael Suarez, Bill W. Baldwin, Roger White
Quality AssuranceRobert Lupo

German Version (Softgold Computerspiele GmbH)

Project LeadJörg Gräfingholt
TranslationBernd Heuckendorf
Technical SupportJörg Gräfingholt, Susanne Dieck
LecturerAnnette Khartabil
PlaytestingThomas Buchhorn, Grischa Gaede
LayoutOliver Dannat
ProducerJörgen Schlegel, Matthias Berghaus

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159325) and Lee Seitz (722)