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Enemy Lines Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The game loads and displays this screen. The tiles in the background change colour
At the start of the game the player selects the country and the degree of difficulty
Preparing the level
The start of a game. The enemy is too close, all shells fired by the player's tank just fly over their heads and explode harmlessly behind them.
Clustered explosions like this mean that the player is coming under mortar fire.
Here a supply drop has been made, just drive the tank over it to collect the ammo.
Further into the first level, here there are buildings to destroy. Luckily there's been another supply drop to restock on ammunition.
The player can explore the level and find the way out but they cannot exit the level until all enemy units have been destroyed.
Game Over - and it didn't end well.
The games main menu.
This is one of the information screens. It shows the characteristics of the player's tank.
These are the game controls.
The 'Save Game' screen.