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The Enigma of Ashrella Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

It's probably peeved at having been resurrected in 2014 but the game starts by killing the player before they even get set up
Undeterred at being killed the gamer bravely explores the new world and is soon rewarded with some documentation
After a few screens explaining the game and, in this case the improvements since version 1.0, the player gets to enter their name. Then they get a bit more of the story
More of the story is revealed once the player has entered their name
Three screens of Quick Instructions precede the player's statistics
There are three classes. Warrior who solves things with strength, Mage who solves things with magic, and Thief who does a bit of both. Sir Mobylot wants to kill things so he's a warrior
After a lot of instruction the player starts the game. Unlike a text adventure there's no guessing what the command syntax can be as all options are clearly laid out
The player has travelled to the Red Bridge and the text changes colour appropriately. Nice touch
There are shops where goods can be bought but first gold must be earned. This is in Erek's Magical Mystery Store
The library is a good place to do research. I asked for a book on sex, purely in the interest of game research, and was told the regular perverts had got there before me
Ending the game. In the on-line game it is advisable to find a safe place to rest