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Press Release:

    Accolade Ships New Action Shooter For The PC

    San Jose, CA, October 28, 1996 -- Prepare to battle through more than 28 action-packed levels on your mission to destroy a mechanized fortress in Accolade's newest release for the PC, Eradicator.

    Eradicator is not just another shoot'em up. Players must go where no well-equipped armada has yet to succeed. It will take a single soldier, with skill and cunning, to slip past the defenses of the living Citadel and shut down the protected power source from within. Each level will challenge you with a new mission. If you fail, the consequences are deadly. If you succeed, you'll save the galaxy.

    Enter the deadly Citadel, if you dare, as one of three characters - Eleena, a feline mercenary; Kamchak, a lizard warrior; or Dan Blaze, the humanoid miner - each with their own strengths, weaknesses, weapons, and levels only they can access. Once inside, battle the advanced artificial intelligence and complete the assigned missions for each level. Eradiactor's unique 1st and 3rd person perspectives drive players to switch between views in order to solve puzzles and destroy enemies.

    Players are equipped with more than 20 weapons - the lethal plasma ball or the ferocious sonic shock - or employ a unique "picture-in-picture" view with weapons like the Spider Bomb, allowing players to control their weapons remotely while seeing two views at once for maximum destruction.

    Eradicator is playable with up to eight players via LAN, modem or serial link, and includes a full level editor. It requires a 486/66 MHz IBM PC or compatible, 8Mb RAM and 2X CD-ROM drive. It uses Smacker Video Technology, licensed from RAD Software, to play back full motion video sequences. Eradicator is for DOS and runs under Windows 95. It will be available at an estimated street price of $49.95.


    Headquartered in San Jose, California, Accolade, Inc. publishes action, sports and strategy games for personal computers and next generation gaming systems, such as the Sony PlayStation game console. The company's products are distributed in North America by Warner/Elecktra/Atlantic Corporation, a unit of Warner Music Group. Leading titles from Accolade include Bubsy, Star Control 3, HardBall, Jack Nicklaus and Deadlock. Accolade games are available from major software specialty stores, computer super-stores or direct from Accolade by calling 800-245-7744.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76378) on Apr 21, 2004.

Unknown Source:
    The storyline is the following, taken from the README.TXT file:

    An ancient, alien power rooted in the bowels of the planet Ioxia (eye-OH-sha) has sprung back to life, halting all mining on Ioxia's three moons; the only known sources of the precious element, Mazrium. Mazrium is the basis for all current technologies and power sources, and also has life-giving properties. It is vital to the survival of the inhabitants of this galaxy.

    Two days ago, an energy surge on the planet was detected by one of the orbiting mining vessels. The surge originated from within the only remaining Ioxian Citadel (left from the "Great Uprising" two centuries ago). A squad of Cyrops mercenaries was sent in to investigate.

    The satellite feed that was received indicated something has risen from the ashes and is attempting to regain control of the Mazrium.

    Moments after their insertion, the Cyrops mercs were destroyed. The Citadel from ages past had snapped to life - reinstating the ion shield that prevents access to the three Mazrium moons and sending the entire galaxy into chaos.

    No Armada can penetrate the shield; no weapons can disable the Citadel. Strategists believe a single soldier could slip past the defenses which were designed for large scale assaults and shut down the shield's power source from within. The Mazrium must be mined; it is the lifeblood of the galaxy.

    The Universal Mining Guild has called upon the services of their most ambitious mercenary, Eleena Brynstaarl. In this desperate hour, they are more than willing to meet her demanded price.

    The planet of Treydan has selected their most impressive warrior to be sent in search of a solution to the dilemma facing the galaxy. Kamchak possesses both the strength and the sheer will that such a mission requires. A hero of the galaxy is in the making.

    Trapped on one of the Mazrium moons when the Ioxian Citadel kicked on, Dan Blaze wasn't looking for anything but his next load of Mazrium to mine. Now that all his fellow cybernetic miners are dead, he must find a way off of this lifeless world. The only course of action seems to be deeper exploration of the strange Citadel controlling the ion shield.

    Contributed by Tomer Gabel (4643) on Jan 21, 2000.