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Eradicator Credits (DOS)

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Eradicator Credits


ProducerMatthew J. Powers
Lead ProgrammerJim Mazrimas
Lead DesignerScot Amos
Lead ArtistPhillip Trumbo
3D Engine ProgrammerRandall Stevenson
AI ProgrammerBob Morrison
DesignerAlisa Schaefbauer, Rich Waters
Musix/SFX DirectorRichard Kelly
Additional Music SupportRudy Helm
3D Character Modeler and AnimatorJeff Wilcox
Artis/3D Weapons DesignerSteven Graziano
Backgrounds/Textures/Sprite ArtistHeather Merrill, John Xu
Executive ProducerSteven Ackrich
Group Product Marketing ManagerKaren Safran
Assistant ProducerJeffrey Gregg
Accolade PR TeamBill Linn, Erica Krishnamurthy
Script WritingMark Jensen
Accolade Tools GroupJohn Canfield, David Houston
Additional Sound EngineeringDavid Houston
Additional Engineering SupportBob Smith
Accolade Art DirectorDale Mauk
Accolade SGI LabPatricia Pearson, Steve M. Martinez, Dexter Dorris
Additional Art SupportKelley Pinson, Chin-Han Hsu, Jeff Rianda
Manual CreationWilliam D. Robinson
Map CreationScot Amos, Alisa Schaefbauer, Rich Waters, Matthew J. Powers, Jeffrey Gregg
Lead TesterHarvey Bush
TestersMatthew Guzenda, Andy Elbert, Don Sierra, Jared Jackson, David Fung, Sean Michael Fish, Tim Gonsalves, Matt Abrams, Kraig Horigan, Jeffrey Gregg
Test SupportRichard Gangwish, Jason S. Lane, Forrest Marsh
Compatibility Testing byVeriTest Inc.
The Voices of EradicatorRoberta Kennedy (as Eleena), Roy Blumenfeld (as G'or), Julian Lopez-Morillas (as Kamchak), Joe A. White (as Dan), Ken Winston (as Reporter)
Special Thanks for assistance in bringing Eradicator to the shelvesJim Barnett, David P. Grenewetzki, Stan Roach, Neil Johnston
Special Thanks for sticking by us and being patientTawn , Kristine , Valerie , Jill , Silas and Bree
Special Thanks toBomberman for keeping us sane, Paul Norman (of MEDIAMAX), Scott Jenkins (of MEDIAMAX)

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Credits for this game were contributed by j. jones (1687) and Xoleras (66780)