Advertising Blurbs

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    "I laughed till my pants fell down!"- Larry Laffner.

    "More fun than a barrel of monkeys!"- Guywood Threepbrush

    Eric the Unready established his reputation by impaling his instructor during jousting class. Then, when Princess Lorealle the Worthy is kidnapped, Eric begins a madcap quest through this hilarious fantasy world packed with dragons and dwarves, wizards, unicorns, and the most fearsome beast of all, the dreaded Attach Turtles. From the mysterious caverns of the Not So Great Underground Empire to the perilous waters of Swamp Trek, Eric cuts a swath of destruction as he unravels the secret of the wicked Queen Morgana and her lover Sir Pectoral.

    Every player will find at least one favorite movie, TV show, or adventure game that has been struck by Bob Bates' pen! From the award-winning author of Timequest.

    Contributed by Robert Morgan (1059) on Nov 14, 1999.