Eric the Unready Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Introduction continued
Your mission, should you choose to accept it...
Eric the Unready is assigned to a new mission
Starting location
The newspaper: your most faithful companion throughout the game!
Playing in map mode
Playing a game of match-the-pair
The swamp
The four-headed monkey! (as opposed to the three-headed version in the Monkey Island series)
Milligan's Island
Pirate school at Treasure Island
Pirate test...
The witch, preparing for the wedding..
Princess Lorealle's being forced to marry this creep
Pegasus' replacement
Believe it or not, this IS Eric the Unready...
Taking a break in the virgin's temple
The Union Hall
Town Square. The game lets you try crazy things, indeed...
...and even worse ones! But check out those unique, detailed responses...
Exploring the cemetery. Removed the verb and object columns. An example of detailed interaction
Dialogues with characters are presented as such separate screens, with multiple responses
Sorry, I just can't stop. And the game keeps reacting to that!..
Nice view. More unique descriptions rewarding various actions
Relaxing in the tavern
Oh no... turtles!!..
Participate in a trivia quiz!..
I try to annoy this guy any way I can
Hmm... I must be doing something wrong
The game parodies other games as well. Guess which one this time?..
Yup, comedy is actually required here. Apparently my guess wasn't good enough...
A weird room with rather unpopular animals. You try stuff out...
A cutscene with the Raw Steak of Eternity
Lovely meadow, a unicorn... and you are throwing things at him!..
A funny sign parodying recorded phone messages
Suddenly, you reach a modern-looking world... with all the typical stuff it contains
Hmm, I wonder which book should I go for...
Close-up during a conversation
I think it's time for a vacation!..
Nearing the end of the game. Gruesome areas...