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Escape from Ragor Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
Then this guy's face pops up to show the version number. This is actually one of the playable characters.
Choose your face (because there doesn't seem to be any other difference).
Start of the game. You're thrown into a dungeon. With some supplies!
If you stand on the tile with a question mark banner, you can read messages. This is from your friendly host, Megrim.
Piking items from the table.
An Amazon with a sword attacks!
Both of us scored a hit.
A chest! I wonder what's inside?
You just learned a fireball spell.
The character stats & inventory screen. The green blob next to the portrait is the currently selected spell (the fireball, wouldn't you believe it).
The auto-map. The small red x marks a false wall, because otherwise you'd never know it was there.
Meet Lara. Lara is here to help you, although she doesn't explain how or why yet.
An energy barrier. Thankfully the button to power it down is nearby.
Using that green fireball magic on a snake. Once you use up mana it'll be back to the dagger; no way to use conventional weapons when magic is available.