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ESPN Baseball Tonight DOS Splash screen


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ESPN Baseball Tonight Credits

55 people (44 developers, 11 thanks)

Stormfront Studios

Created byStormfront Studios
Game DesignMark Buchignani
Baseball Engine DesignHudson Piehl
ProgrammingJames H. Grove III, Phillip King
Art DirectionDavid Bunnett
Technical DirectionMark Buchignani, Hudson Piehl
Interface ArtEric Nava
AnimationDavid Clemons, Geraldine Kovats, Delphine Louie, Kimberly Moriki Zamlich, Al Roughton, Christopher Gray
Stadium ArtMichael Barber, Kenn Berry, William A. Dwyer, Marina Goldberg, Hugo Kobayashi, Arturo Sinclair
Team LeaderDon L. Daglow
Based on Original Design byDon L. Daglow, Mark Buchignani, David Bunnett, Hudson Piehl
Sound EffectsSean Carson
Original MusicSteven Scherer
Voice ProcessingAndrew Boyd, Sean Carson
Video ProcessingArturo Sinclair, Andrew Boyd, Sean Carson
Additional ProgrammingAlyssa Finley, Masami Yamada, Mark Manyen, Randall Turner
Manual TextMark Buchignani
Research ArchivistMarla Cosgrove
UmpireTony Patch
Stormfront Product TestersSteve Borstead, Stephen L. Kozlowski

Sony Imagesoft

ProducerKen George
Lead Testing AnalystJohn Nelson
Quality Assurance ManagerDennis Clark
Thanks toRandy Thier, Greg Oberle, Mark Mutchler, Michael Hardt


ESPN AnnouncersChris Berman, Dan Patrick
Thanks toTom Hagopian, Dick Glover, Jim Noel, Ed Durso, Tanya Curry, Steve Bornstein, Kil-Jae Hong


STATS, Inc.Jim Capuano, Ross Schoffleberger


All Statistical information and player ratings provided bySTATS Inc.
© MLBPA MSAOfficially Licensed by the Major League Baseball Player's Association
© MLBThe Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are used with permission from Major League Baseball Properties Inc.
© 1994Sony Electronic Publishing Company
ESPN, Sports Center and Baseball Tonight are trademarks ofESPN Inc.
Licensed in conjunction withNames International Inc. and International Computer Group Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (251243)