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DOS version

Title screen
The town of Tirich looks peaceful enough...
...until you stumble onto a werewolf mauling a shopkeeper
The werewolf corners the hero in a church
A sucker punch sends the hero flying
The villagers are somewhat less than receptive to strangers
A villager and a dragon fight while the hero takes on the werewolf
What we have here is a case of mistaken identity
The monastery offers a safe haven... for the moment
Talking to the librarian monk
Offering your sword to the Lady of the Lake
The wizard packs a mean firebolt
Fighting a giant lizard while a small green squirrel rants at you
What hero is complete without an evil twin?
Unlike Leoric of Tristram, Tirich's Skeleton King is harmless
Now you have a flamethrower. Time to show those demons who's boss
If you're going to dine with the Devil, you'd better bring a long spoon
The bad ending doesn't seem all that bad
The Devil loves to make deals, but he has a problem with rejection
Poor bastard, he has been crucified arse about face
What a nerve! An evil wizard has transmuted me into a toad