Written by  :  Spectre (129)
Written on  :  Jun 16, 2000
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars

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Not a top-of-the-line sim, but a good game all around.

The Good

I enjoyed the option to fly the real F-117 or the Microprose version (2 more weapon bays and a gun). It requires some patience and planning to get around enemy planes and installations which added to the challenge of playing it.

The Bad

I don't think the difficulty was thoroughly thought out. If you upped it to the max, then a MiG-23 could see you flying at 50-100 feet while there was a mountain between the two of you. The F-117 wasn't designed for air-to-air combat like the F-15 and F-16 are, but the higher levels often resulted in similar results. Also, I found I'd get more points for completing a mission at a lower difficulty level than I did at a higher level. The only way I can explain this is, there may have been some extra objectives I was to achieve that I was unaware of.

The Bottom Line

It's an ok game. It's fun initially, but the missions get repetitive and the graphics aren't THAT eye-catching. For a real sim, I'd look for something more current.