Written by  :  Brian Hart (2)
Written on  :  Oct 16, 2002
Platform  :  DOS
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One of the best out there

The Good

This game allows for unlimited game play, against a difficult sim opponent. The gradiant from easy to hard is a very gradual one which allows for new gamers to adjust to the game play over time. In harder levels, ie north cape and central europe, the sim is incredably difficult, to get in and get out alive in this game, with out cheat codes, is hard enough but is even more difficult when you go on killing sprees. The game is not a realistic flight simulator, but is a realistic tactic and stategy simulator.

The Bad

The graphics left something to be desired, but for a game made is 1991, it is top of the line. I just wish that more MicroProse wouls come out with another version using either the F-22 or B-2 platform.

The Bottom Line

Bad graphics but excellent game play