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    The F-14 TOMCAT.
    It’s the most famous fighter jet in modern military aviation. Massive but agile, heavily armed, deadly.

    Fighter pilots affectionately call this hulking warplane the “MiG Killer” for its dominance of the soviet-built craft.

    Capable of Mach 2, the swing-wing fighter revolutionized carrier-based air combat. Best known for its involvement in the Gulf of Sidra conflict and 1986 reprisals against Libya, the F-14 TOMCAT has earned legendary status as America’s premier air-superiority fighter jet.

    Now you can fly the F-14 into rugged dogfighting action. From global military hotspots like the Persian Gulf all the way to the Naval Fighter Weapons School “Top Gun”, proving ground of the world’s finest fighter pilots. Prove you’re the best, and teach the best.

    F-14 TOMCAT, the only F-14 air combat simulation for MS-DOS computers.

    Developed by Andre’ Gagnon.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76328) on Nov 13, 2002.