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F-14 Tomcat Credits

19 people (16 developers, 3 thanks)


Game Design byMichael Latham, Michael Suarez
Programming byAndre Gagnon
Art byMark D. Waterman
3-D GraphicsLinnea Wigren
Front package photo and back package photo elementsGeorge Hall
Music byRussell Lieblich, Matthew Berardo
Sound byPete Mokris, Michael Latham
OmniMusic and PC Audio sound drivers byGlyn Anderson
Produced byMichael Latham, Michael Suarez
Associate ProducersGerald McLane, Gary Barth
Product Management byTom Dickson
Documentation bySteve Englehart, Gerald McLane, Gary Barth
Test SpecialistsKelly Walker Rogers, Oak Dellenbach, Gary Barth
Special Thanks toJames W. Bouck, Leslie Roth, Lisa Norton

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76328) and Rascal (2256)