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F-19 Stealth Fighter Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Select Menu (Version 435.02)
Title Screen
Arming your plane
In the cockpit
Bail out - rescue
External View - Taking off from a aircraft carrier.
External View - Enemy ship nearby.
Flying over land.
External View - Smoldering remains of a target.
External View - Flying.
External View - Mountains ahead.
Failed mission.
Mission report.
Got a medal.
Copy protection - choose the right plane.
Pilot roster.
Choose a mission.
Mission options.
Game advertisement of Microprose (EGA/VGA)
Title Screen (CGA)
Game advertisement of Microprose (CGA)
Manual protection checking (CGA)
Choose a mission (Training Mode, CGA)
Pilot Roster (default, CGA)
Ready for launch from Carrier (EGA/Tandy 16 colors)
Ready for launch from Carrier (VGA 256 colors)
Mission Briefing (EGA/Tandy/VGA)
Intelligence Briefing (EGA/Tandy/VGA)
Pilot Roster (default, EGA/Tandy/VGA)
External View of F-117A 1 (version 435.04 only, VGA)
External View of F-117A 2 (version 435.04 only, VGA)
External View of F-117A 3 (version 435.04 only, VGA)
External View of F-117A 4 (version 435.04 only, VGA)
B-52 Flying
Secondary Target : Tank Farm at Katowice
Target Photographed
Primary Target (Tu-95) is destroyed by Gunfire
Fuel Transfer
Updated the graphics of my plane. It only affects external views, but it brings them closer to what the F117A really looks like.