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F1 Manager Professional Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu
Team selection
The organisation office, here you can control every administrative aspect of the team, such as: Contracts, personnel, sponsors, etc.
Same as the previous picture, but all items are highlighted
The facilities screen. Here it can show all the current facilities for your development centre, and you can build another ones if you wish.
This is the production screen. The machine grinding a block means that a part is being manufactured
Here you can set the designers' priority for car construction, whether you want it affordable and immediate, or the best performing in it's class
The design screen, where you can specify parameter for improving each part. keep that in mind that the dimensions must be between the minimum and maximum limits in the rules
here you can view the parts in 4 different perspectives
The assembly area. All the cars are assembled from there, using vast amount of parts manufactured from the design area, and others bought from the shop (the internal ones)
The transport area. This is where the cars are partially disassambled to be fitted in the trucks
Weather forecast for the race. On the left, the wind direction/speed as well as the temperatures, humidity and rainfall. On the right, the track map and the info respectively
The race results screen
Oooh! That's a knockout! Both of my drivers are out!
Cars under parc ferme inspection. If all are within the regulations limits, they're check marked in green
Going down to Brazil, by air
In the middle of the action, by the screens of the command post
This time, the map screen is replaced by the miniature 3D view of the race
And off they GO!
You can specify which session you will take part in the race. Qualifying and the race are all course-compulsory
The telemetry screen. Giving useful data on the cars, and it can be saved for further analysis