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atari yars

Fade to Black Credits

112 people (96 developers, 16 thanks)


Directed ByPaul Cuisset
Created And Designed byPaul Cuisset
Level DesignPaul Cuisset, Thierry Perreau
Project ManagerPhilippe Chastel
Art DirectorThierry Perreau
2d Graphic ArtistsStéphane Aussel, Thierry Bansront, Grégory Béal, Eric Caron, Serge Fiedos, Jerome France, Hervé Gaerthner, Florian Guzek, Béatrice Laurent, Cécile Thomas, Paul Tumelaire
3d Object ModelingStéphane Aussel, Thierry Bansront, Serge Fiedos, Hervé Gaerthner, Florian Guzek
3d Cinematic SequencesThierry Bansront, Serge Fiedos, Yan Le Gall, Thierry Levastre, Frédéric Loubiere, Frédéric Michel
3d Animation TrackingJerome France, Florian Guzek, Denis Mercier, Frédéric Michel, Thierry Perreau, Paul Tumelaire
Actors And StuntmenGrégory Béal, Anne Fossa, Jerome France, Denis Mercier, Paul Tumelaire
Graphic DesignEric Caron, Jerome France, Paul Tumelaire
Story BoardEric Caron
Music Composed byRaphaël Gesqua
Sound EffectsRaphaël Gesqua
ProgrammersPhilippe Chastel, Sébastien Clément, Guillaume Genty, Claude Levastre, Alain Ramond, Alain Tinarrage, Benoît Verillaud
Additional ProgrammingPatrick Bricout, Arnaud Carré, Fabrice Rodet
DialogistJean-Luc Dumon
Voices effects mixed at L’Ours-Son Studio - ParisCharles Schlumberger
Executive ProducerRandall Breen
ProducerGreg Suarez
Associate ProducerMatt Wolf
Production SpecialistsDavid Costa, Randy Eckhardt, Aaron McClay
Product Marketing TeamLisa Higgins, Julia Mee, Fiona Murphy, Vera Swanson, Al King, Peter Murphy
Package DesignCorey Higgins
ManualJamie Poolos
Manual LayoutDavid Mauro, Caroline Arthur
Quality AssuranceChris Baena
Special ThanksMurray Allen, Marc Farly, Corey Higgins, Anthony L. Sommers, Colin McLaughlan
QA Project LeaderRichard Zinser
QA TestersJ. Allen Brack, Marshall Andrews, Ed Ball, Cinco Barnes, Brett Bonner, Andy Bruncke, Jason Habel, Brian Hackert, Cheryl Russell
Translations SupervisorKirsten Vaughan
TranslationsDidier Jumeau, Kirsten Vaughan
Translation TestersLemuel Haham, Kai Leibert
QA Testers - FranceChristophe Brusseaux, Sébastien Le Charpentier, Patricia Cuisset, Romain Huet, Vincent Merienne, Frédéric Pierrat
VOICE TALENTRobert Feero (Morphs, SuperMorph, Ageer, Oracle), Kristina Holland (Computer, Sarah Smith), Roger Labon Jackson (John OÂ’Connor), Jarion Monroe (Professor Bergstein, Conrad Hart), Bill O'Neil (Hank, Rebels, Cook)
French and German version recorded atBoots Productions Studios Paris, Knocking Boots Production Studios; Paris
Sound EngineersDimitri Bodiansky, Etienne Pauzzo
FRENCH VOICESFrançoise Cadol (Sarah), Bruno Dubernat (John O’Connor And Morphs), Philippe Dumond (Hanks And Rebels), Jean-Louis Fauré (Professor And Oracle), Bernard Lanneau (Conrad), Déborah Perret (Computer)
GERMAN VOICESPaula Klein (Computer), Richard Sammel (Conrad And Morphs), Hans-Jörg Schnass (Hank And Morphs), Florian Schneider (Professor, Oracle, Morphs), Peter Semmler (John O’Connor And Morphs), Doris Streibl (Sarah)
German TranslationKirsten Vaughan, Kai Leibert
German ManualFrank Dietz, Kirsten Vaughan
QA Testers - GermanyKai Leibert, Jörg Neumann
French DocumentationIsabelle Rice, Monique Quirk
German Voice Recording LeadBianca Normann
Thanks toPaul de Senneville, Dany Boolauck, Anne-Marie Joassim, Julio Valladares, Al King, Neil Cook, Carol Aggett, Jennifer Christenson, Don Traeger, Jim Rushing, Sarah L. H. Smith

Additional Credits

Cover IllustrationJean Giraud

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Credits for this game were contributed by Depeche Mike (17543), Frumple (1050) and formercontrib (157975)

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