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Atari 50

Fade to Black Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main Title
Waking up from cryonic sleep, just to get captured by the Morphs (Intro)
In-game inventory panel.
Blasting one of the Morphs (game can quickly shift between few different resolutions, though).
With some nice moves, you can check if there's a surprise awaiting you behind some corner.
Red dot on the yellow circle shows from where is someone targeting you.
Reloading your gun after spending a few bullets on a bot (those we saw in "Flashback" as 2d platform sprites).
Ducking never helps at this distance (if you use 320x240 or 640x480, you'll get blackness on upper and lower of the screen, though).
Recharging both shield and your health.
Main Menu (it's an animated cube that opens to each of the options differently).
Checking the contents of the locker (useful for finding grenades or tech stuff).
Anti-gravity levitator of some kind allows you to reach upper/lower floors.
It's hurts!
Alien enemy