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Advertising Blurbs

Advertisement in COMPUTE, November 1990:

    The bogey came out of nowhere. You see him just off your tail. The adrenalin hits you like a fist. You call your wingman: "Viper One, I've got a bandit on my six. This is not good..."

    The original Falcon F-16 Fighter Simulation was acclaimed for its realism. Now, Falcon 3.0 takes this authenticity to the edge. The flight models are real. The terrain is real. The radar and weapons systems are real. And the threats are real. No phony weapons or magic bullets here... just the best civilian F-16 simulation available. You don't just play Falcon 3.0, you strap yourself in and get ready for battle.

    You go to afterburner and your Falcon jumps, slamming you back in the seat. The MiG 29 has just reached missile range... There! He's fired, the deadly rocket screams toward you, seeing nothing but the heat of your exhaust. Without thinking, you drop a series of flares hoping to confuse it, and yank back on the stick... 50 degrees... 80... over the top... your Head Up display shows you're pulling 9g's...

    With Falcon 3.0, you lead your own squadron of pilots. Your missions are straight from today's headlines: Panama, Iraq, or some other international hot spot. The mountains, valleys, and rivers you fly over conform precisely to military maps of the areas.

    ...Nearly blacked out, you ease forward on the stick. The g's drop, and you can see again. There he is! You're on HIS six now. This is going to be sweet. As you get tone you know he's yours.

    True to the General Dynamics F-16 Falcon, Falcon 3.0 gives you all the exhilaration of flying one of the most advanced fighters in the world. And all the dangers.

    Falcon 3.0, from Spectrum HoloByte. If it were any more authentic, we'd be in trouble.

    Contributed by Belboz (6580) on Apr 14, 2001.